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Shards of Empire

A Birthright campaign started approximately (more precise data to be added later) 6-7 years ago using the, then, current edition of D&D and many of the resources from Birthright.net (thanks Arjan!).

Southern Anuire is in ruins… Ten years have passed since a great war pitting the nations of the Southern coast against each other and their neighbours shattered the existing balance leaving many ancient lineages broken or lost. New nations and new leaders, many of them former advisers and lieutenants, rise to establish a new balance.

In this war weary and fragmented region the new realms start to grow, making alliances and deals, beginning to rebuild that which has been lost. The peoples of the Southern coast have a new era opening before them, offering hope and prosperity if they can avoid the perils of war.

Unfortunately it seems such simple wishes will not be granted. Ancient powers move and the Shadow World seems to get closer every year. How will the Regents hold together their holdings and lead their people towards a new age?

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Shards of Empire Jan_Stanek